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Kinetics is a gym based in the Glendower Hotel. We’ve been helping St Annes, Lytham and Blackpool residents keep fit and hit their goals for over 15 years. Kinetics is much more than just a place where you pay to use the gym equipment they keep. Kinetics members become part of the Kinetics family, with the majority of members taking part in the group sessions and one to one personal training. If your looking to reach new levels and hit new goals, whilst meeting like minded inspiring people on the same journey as you. Then Kinetics is where you belong.


group/Personal training

At Kinetics we pride ourselves on our team spirit. In our group classes, you can witness that first hand. Every class is guarenteed to be exciting, fun and most importantly individual to you! We have over 10 classes per day, all bookable using the “My Zone” app which is super flexible for the ever changing work/life schedule we all have to balance.


If you would like to find out more about our Group & Personal Training (live and remote) or our fantastic nutrition and training packages, get in touch via the form below and we will be happy to give you all the information you need.

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The best way to get in touch with one of the team is via this form.

Call: 01253 722332

Paul Boxwell
Paul Boxwell@paulboxwell
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Thank you Kinetics I have learnt a great deal about nutrition and has also made me finally learn how to cook more. I feel much fitter and healthier as a result of your training and support. Losing 6kg and 6% body fat as part of the initial 6 week challenge surpassed my original expectations and target so great. The cardio side is good as well with blood pressure and resting heart rate both down too. 🙂 I look forward to continuing with your team.
Carolyn Thompson
Carolyn Thompson@Carolynthompson
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When I joined the 6 weeks Challenge, I had lost 3 stone over the past 2 years but was finding my weight was just starting to creep back up. As soon as I started, I felt motivated by the whole team’s positive and realistic encouragement, their knowledgeable support and immediate connection with each of our group. They take no prisoners and are firm, focussed yet always fair. It’s no walk in park. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, I guess, but i now enjoy the gym!! The weeks have flown by, I’ve met some wonderful new friends, it’s been great fun, and the food side of it has impacted so much-I am sleeping better, am far more energised, I’ve learned to cook filling healthy meals and have lost 8.3kg! Bring on the next 2 months! Thanks everyone x
Anna Spooner
Anna Spooner@Annaspooner
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The 6 week challenge - there's a clue in the name - CHALLENGE I saw the Kinetics post on Facebook and made the best split second decision I've ever made. What did I have to lose? I was depressed with the way I looked and felt and knew I needed something that would give me the kick start I needed to make the lifestyle changes I so desperately needed to get me back on track. When I signed up and was given my target of losing 10kg in 6 weeks (with a 10 day holiday smack bang in the middle) I never though it was possible. But with DETERMINATION, WILLPOWER and SUPPORT I made it through with a total loss of 10.6kg. At the start I was given a food plan, shopping list and enrolled into the 3 weekly workouts. Being a trained chef its easy to add extra things to your meals to make them tasty and experiment with different foods but when you're told to stick to a list of foods which initially look quite boring it instantly becomes more of a challenge. I found ways of making food look and feel like a treat but still be in the plan taking inspiration from the recipes provided by the team. In order achieve the results I had to be strict - if it's not on the list you're not allowed it! Temptation is everywhere but you have to been strong - WILLPOWER! The 3 classes a week are great. They push you in different ways and each week its a new routine so you never get bored and always wonder - what's next! All the trainers are fabulous and push you to your limits. They know everyone works differently and no body is the same or can handle the same things - for this there are alternatives and an opportunity to work at YOUR maximum and not someone else's. YOUR DETERMINATION to succeed and meet YOUR goals! I can't thank the team enough for all their help and highly recommend Kinetics and the 6 week challenge to anyone else who feels the same as I did 6 weeks ago. "All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point".
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright@Anthonywright
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Turning 40 - and getting fat!! That’s what I was doing. Then I saw a post of an old friend about The Kinetics 6 Week Challenge and how he had lost over 10kg doing it. I was intrigued - so I got in touch with Dean Whitehouse and went for a visit. He was very welcoming and took me for a wander around the Studio and Gym, explaining the course and what the sessions were like (3x 45min sessions a week). I decided that I wanted to do it. The chat and tour were then followed up with an introduction to the diet plan. I thought I would struggle, and I did at first, but not for long. Once you get used to the diet plan and what you can and can’t have it soon becomes routine, it did for me anyway. There are handy recipes on the Facebook group that help you stick to the diet plan - I recommend the egg white omelette for breakfast, lovely!! The gym sessions are fantastic - the 45mins fly past, and the coaches are all excellent. They encourage all the way through and know when to push you harder. I’m not going to lie, it is hard work but well worth it! I lost 10.8kg over the 6 weeks - I was very regimented and stuck to the plan for the entirety, which is what I believe you have to do to get the results. The course, the place, the staff were all excellent and I highly recommend the 6 Week Challenge! I enjoyed it that much I’ve signed up to stay on for a year doing the 3 gym sessions a week. Do it, do it now!!! 5 stars
Helen Rose
Helen Rose@Helenrose
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I have really enjoyed my journey on the 6 week challenge at Kinetics. I came into it already being a regular ‘gym-goer’ but had been plateauing for quite a long time and needed some motivation to push me out of my comfort zone and create come new eating habits, especially after the indulgence of Christmas followed by a holiday. I wanted to make I was in shape before the big ‘4-0’’. The plan is easy to follow and made me realise just where I have been going wrong in the past with food and trying to out train a bad diet, with over-training to make up for the excess sugary snacks. Dean is really supportive, encouraging and gave me lots of useful info. The classes are great and the trainers Dave, Pete & Alanis are really motivating. I’m looking forward to seeing where my journey takes me next.
Sian Perrin
Sian Perrin@SianPerrin
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After real concern about my back and wondering if i would ever be able to complete exercise again!!!I felt immediately at ease when Dean started me off slowly after a very detailed initial consultation. Nutrition and daily accountability contact to start me on the pathway to success soon followed. I then began gentle exercise (mainly light cardio and a stretching programme) followed by some progressive strength workouts in the gym. Eventually i was eased into small group training (initially very specific) but i then went from strength to strength beating my weight loss target of 10 kg and feeling so much stronger and fitter with more confidence now than ever before. I therefore thoroughly recommend Kinetics Personal Training as i feel the fittest and healthiest that I've felt in a long time.